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Introducing Desert Aire

February 07, 2014 | Product News

Desert Aire. Dehumidify with the experts!

Also joining QAS' roster of manufacturers is Desert Aire. This company uses their expertise to solve indoor air quality problems so that people can live, work and play in clean, healthy and dry environments. They specialize in moist and aquatic environments. In fact, since 1978, Desert Aire has been a proven leader in the design and manufacture of innovative pool dehumidification and dedicated outdoor air systems, utilizing advanced technology to successfully address humidity and air quality concerns. Desert Aire has a reputation for delivering high-quality systems that are durable, reliable, and offer significant energy savings.

Ross Blauvelt and Evan Smith will be your Desert Aire representatives for the entire state of Indiana. Ross will be focus on the pool environments and dehumidification — so dive on in and ask him some questions. While Ross is floating around somewhere in a pool, Evan will be representing the Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems (DOAS) units. Ahhh, breathe in that 100% outside fresh air! 

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